About me

Hi 👋

My name is Michael Reibel Boesen. I like to create things, more recently climate related things. I’m an engineer and PhD by training, but probably more of an entrepreneur by what I do. Although I love to tinker with technology I also do a lot of other stuff. Here’s a list.

What I’m currently up to

  • 🚗 Elby: Turning apartment buildings into community EV chargers
  • 🍷WSET level 3: Follow me on Vivino, Instagram. Huge fan of Champagne and Northern Rhône.
  • 🥃 Gefjun: Gin and whisky distillery. Launched in 2018.
  • 💽 Aged Records: Selling high quality vinyl collections.
  • 💌 The Weekly Climate: A climate news newsletter aiming to provide readers with the most important and interesting climate crisis news as well as an action to take to help. Out every Monday 6am

🎸 Apart from building physical and virtual things, I also like to create auditory things through music. I play guitar and piano and I have two-piece band with my sister.

🎧 I also collect vinyl records (Instagram account might be more easily digestible) in particular Detroit garage rock from the 90s and lately also rock’n’roll from 50s+.

📸 Finally, I’m an avid wildlife and nature photographer and more recently going deep in drone photography and photogrammetry. I don’t get to go out in nature that often but when I do check out my instagram for some examples of nature and wildlife work.

What I have been up to

  • 🌍 Massive.earth: The worlds first attempt to mass mobilize talent towards scalable climate action. Now open sourced.
  • 🤖 Corti (co-founder): We built the worlds first AI-based diagnostic system for 911s. I was the co-founding CTO before stepping back to focus on the climate crisis.
  • 👯‍♀️ Startup community groups: I helped run multiple startup community initiatives such as Startup Grind, Silicon Vikings, #cphftw and Silicon Drinkabout.
  • 🤓 AppGarage: A student accelerator at DTU Informatics I launched and ran until 2015.
  • 🚀 Self-repairing hardware: My PhD and first patent, which I also collaborated with NASAs Jet Propulsion Lab on and launched my first failing startup based on.
  • 🌤 Weather machine: Made out of paper when I was 5 years old. I never got it to work though.